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Home > Video Distribution > DSS Satellite Multiswitch > Spaun HDTV ready DSS Satellite Multiswitch 5 input 4 output - 5x4 DISCONTINUED

Spaun HDTV ready DSS Satellite Multiswitch 5 input 4 output - 5x4 DISCONTINUED

Spaun HDTV ready DSS Satellite Multiswitch 5 input 4 output - 5x4 DISCONTINUED

Spaun DMS 5402 NF HDTV DSS Multiswitch is the latest Satellite distribution multiswitch from Spaun Germany. This multiswitch has a built-in amplifier is compatible with the twin dual-LNB DSS dish(Duo Sat). All four RG6 Coax cables from the Satellite dish are connected to the multiswitch input. The fifth input is for Antenna or Cable TV input.

Compatible with DirectTV and Dish Network Satellite Service

A single RG6 Coax cable run is needed to each DSS Receiver. Upto 4 DSS receivers can be connected to this multiswitch. To receive the Antenna / Cable TV a diplexer is needed at each location.

HDTV Multiswitch Wiring Diagram

Duo-Sat Wiring Diagram

Type Order Number Isolation dB Max. Out dBuV
Cross Talk SAT/U/V/F Out/Out
DMS 5402 NF >25 >30  >26 OFF-AIR: 84
SAT: 93
Through Loss
Noise Figure dB Frequency Range
SAT: 6
5...862 950...2050 ...2200
Product Dimensions in mm
(To convert to inches, divide by 25.4)


  • HDTV compatible
  • SAT-IF with slope
  • Terrestrial push-pull
  • DUO-SAT system
  • IF Polarity selection is controlled by remote voltage, <14.5vV,>16vH & the 22kHz tone provided by the receiver
  • Synchronous level for SAT 0...-10dB
  • Return path compatible
  • Current consumption 40 mA
  • Power consumption 26 Watts

HDTV Multiswitch Installation Notes

LNB Supply Mode 18V: All multiswitches in the USA should be set to 18V.

Connecting Satellite Signals to Multiswitch SAT A (101): 1 coax to V/Low input, 1 coax to H/Low input. SAT B (119): 1 coax to V/High input, 1 coax to H/High input.

Synchronous Level Adjuster (Small orange dials) To adjust (decrease) different input levels by 0-10dB if necessary.

Terrestrial Terrestrial input allows for either Off-air antenna or Cable to be passed through the multiswitch.

Protocol when using the DirecTV 5x4 integrated multiswitch with 3rd LNB If using an elliptical dish with the 5x4 integrated multiswitch with a 3rd LNB for the 110 orbital slot:

You must use the integrated multiswitch in conjunction with a Spaun Duo-sat multiswitch or cascadable system and turn the LNB dial to 22 kHz. Bring the 4 coax cables directly from integrated switch and into Spaun multiswitch just as if they were coming directly from the LNB's.

Assembly Do not mount the multiswitch in damp conditions. Protect from weather and allow adequate ventilation

Availability : DISCONTINUED

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