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Home > Solution for C. D

Solution for C. D

Design is for C. D. residence Design is for 11 rooms. Please read solution specification below and then look at solution components (links to products) at the bottom to get a complete view of your solution. Please send us email with questions/comments you might have.

Solution Specification:

Four types of outlets

VDT : Video, Data, Telephone powered by composite cable
DT : Data + telephone powered by cat5e cables
HT : Home Theater 5.1 Wallplate behind TV
T : Leviton Out-of-Sight Telephone Jack
RCA :l/R Audio + Video RCA Jack
VC : video camera, run one RG6 and 1 cat5e to each of the interior/exterior camera location. Three technologies available, CCTV($), IP camera($$), IP camera with Power over ethernet($$$) wire for both.
CCTV uses 1 RG6 for video and cat5e for 12V DC
IP camera uses cat5e for signal and control and have a 110 V AC close by for power.
IP camera with power over ethernet handles signal/control and power all from one cat5e but is very expensive now.
When pre-wiring for video camera leave ample extra length on camera end and cover gang box with wallplate.

Four Upstairs Bedrooms (4)

4 x 1 VDT on wall across from bed
2 x 1 VDT in two bedrooms that are large
4 x 2 DT on one side of bed
1 x 1 DT on the other side of master bed
1 x 1 HT for master bedroom recommended (Adjust install height per regular/flat screen TV)

Kitchen / Pantry(1)

1 x 1 VDT under cabinet to allow tel, data and under cabinet TV.
1 x 1 T for kitchen wall phone. Run 110V power to this unit to ensure cord free Wall Phone installation. note: this item not available until August.
1 x 1 DT in kitchen near/behind fridge 1 x 1 DT in Pantry (Laundry machine)


2 x 1 VDT behind big screen TV/Flat Panel TV
1 x 1 DT on another wall
note: if installing flat panel, install wallplate (and 110V outlet) at approx 5 feet height.


1 x 1 VDT in Garage, recommend Ceiling height for easy viewing when working in Garage.
1 x 1 DT in garage on a different wall from VDT outlet

Basement and Office

2 x 1 VDT in Basement
1 x 1 DT in Basement
2 x 1 VDT in office
1 x 1 DT in office

Whole House audio (2)

C. D. will run own wiring to get A/B system in family/kitchen and multi-room system in basement. 1 X 1 RCA L/R Audio and video in Family room 1 x 1 RCA L/R Audio and video jacks in Basement Cat53 cable interconnecting the two RCA Wallplates

Wired Survelliance Camera

Run one cat5e and one RG6 to two locations where you might want a camera eg. Foyer, overlooking backyard etc. The two cables will allow you to run either CCTV or IP cameras

Total outlets(wallplates) of each type


Total outlets by service type

Video 13
Data 13 + 11 = 24
Telephone 13 + 11 + 1 = 25
VC 5
Home Theater C.D. With run use wallplate with hole to pass cable from in-wall directly to amps in family/basement. In master bedroom, recommend 5 pairs of Binding posts for future home theater.

Solution Components:

Structured Wiring Panel

AC power supply

Termination on panel for 24 data and 25 telephone outlets. This unit provide 24 tel/data ports

Add 5 expansion slots to extend the 24 port to 54 ports, you need 49 ports

Satellite/Cable TV Distribution to 12 TVs You have 13 VDT outlets, you probably wont have 13 TVs so a 12 port should be find, you can leave one RG6 cable unconnected.

1000ft Composite cable to power 13 VDT outlets (order Qty: 2)

2000 ft( Cat5e cable to power 11 data (in DT) outlets, IP camera and to bring telephone service from demarc to structured wiring panel (Order Qty: 2, Color: blue)

2000 ft Cat5e cable to power 11 telephone (in DT) outlets + 1 out-of-sight jack (Order Qty: 2, Color: off-white

1000 Ft RG6 cable for Video camera, Cable TV source from demarc to structured wiring panel, also recommend running 5 RG6 cables from panel to attic, leave ample length so cable can be pulled after move-in to southern skies facing location for future satellite Dish feed.

500 ft14 guage 2 conductor speaker cable for surround sound/home theater in living and master bedroom and to run speaker wire from VC to ceiling speakers for whole house audio (Order Qty: 1)

VDT outlets - (Order qty: 13)

DT outlets - (Order qty: 11)

Leviton Out-of-sight Jack for Kitchen Phone - (Order qty: 1 not available until August)

binding post module, use 5 pairs in each home theater location. Note: other end of speaker cable terminates directly on speaker so leave extra length in gangbox and cover with blank wallplate (Order Qty: 5 pairs)

RCA jack for inteconnect between Family and basement audio units. Run one cat5e wire between them(Order Qty: 2 triples)

Single gang wallplate for 2 RCA outlets - order 2

Inserts for RCA Outlets - order 2

Double gang wallplate for 2 HT outlets - order 1

Inserts for HT outlet - order 2

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