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Home > Do it Yourself Resources > DIY Resources > Structured Wiring Topics > Leviton Integrated Networks - Installation Manual - Copyright Leviton

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Leviton Integrated Networks - Installation Manual -2MB pdf file
Leviton Integrated Networks - Installation Manual -2MB pdf file

Table of Contents

Introduction to Leviton Integrated Network Systems
1.1 Structured Media Subsystems
1.2 Types of Structured Media Subsystems
1.2.1 Essential Infrastructure
1.2.2 Enhanced Infrastructure
1.2.3 Application Subsystems (Multi-room Video, Multi-Location Stereo Multi-Location Networking, Family and Home Monitoring)

Leviton Quality and Warranty
2.0 Quality Statement, Quality Processes, ISO 9000 Leviton Integrated Networks Structured Media™ Warranty

Certification Policy
3.0 Requirements for Installer Certification, Certification, Certification Checklist

Local Ordinances, Covenants, and Service Provider Coordination 4.0 Local Ordinance, Covenants and Builder Considerations, Service Provider Coordination

Recommended Accessories, Tools, and Test Equipment
5.1 Mud Rings Instead of Electrical Boxes for Drop Locations
5.2 Cable Routing, Dressing, and Strain Relief
5.2.1. Pulling Low-Voltage Wiring Through Wood and Metal Framing Members
5.3 Tools for Pre-Wire (Rough-In) Installation
5.4 Tools for Trim Out Install5-3
5.5 Termination Equipment for Category 5 Cable
5.6 Termination Equipment for RG-6 and RG-6 Quad Shield Cable
5.6.1 Other Tools for Installing Leviton Integrated Network
5.7 Test Equipment for Category 5 Installations
5.8 Test Equipment for Telephone Installations
5.9 Test Equipment for Coaxial Cable Installations
5.10 Check List (of above)
5.11 What You Need to Know

Description of Leviton Integrated Network Systems
6.1 Essential Infrastructure Platform for Single Family Homes
6.1.1 Series 280 SMC
6.2 Essential Infrastructure Platform for a Multiple Dwelling Unit
6.2.1 Series 100 SMC
6.2.2 Series 140 SMC
6.3 Enhanced Infrastructure Platform
6.3.1 Series 420 SMC
6.3.2 Media Versatile Panel
6.3.3 Wallplates, Jacks and Connections
6.4 Multi-Room Audio Video
6.4.1 Modules with Built-in Amplifiers
6.5 Multi-Location Network
6.6 Multi-Room Stereo Sound
6.7 Home and Family Monitoring with Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
6.8 What You Need to Know

System Design and Placement—Laying Out the Basics
7.1 Laying out the Basics on the Floor Plans
7.2 System Choices and Options (Floorplans and Planning Charts)
7.3 Mud Ring Locations
7.3.1 Location Matrix by Type
7.3.2 Number per Room
7.3.3 Installation Height above Floor
7.4 Cabling Types and Counts for Each Location
7.4.1 Telephone and Data Cable: Cat 5 UTP
7.4.2 Video Cable for CATV, Cable Modem, TV, DSS, and Monitoring:
7.4.3 Power Cable for Video Monitoring Camera: Cat 5 UTP
7.4.4 Speaker Cable for Multi Location Stereo
7.4.5 Infrared (IR) Remote Control Target and Emitter Cable
7.4.6 Hi-speed Fiber Optic Cable
7.4.7 Non-metallic Tubing (ENT and PVC) for Future Cable Runs
7.5 Wall Plate Configurations
7.5.1 QuickPort Flush-Mount Plates
7.5.2 QuickPort Decora Plus WallPlate Inserts and Wallplates
7.5.3 Wall Mount Telephones
7.6 Structured Media Center
General Location
Height Above the Floor
Horizontal Location
7.7 Structured Media Center Components and Devices
7.7.1 Recommended Placements of Cables and Components
7.8 What You Need to Know

Pre-Wire Installation
8.1 The Walk-Through
8.1.1 The Reality of the Job and the Installation
8.2 Mud Rings
8.2.1 Location of Mud Rings
8.2.2 Mounting Mud Rings
8.3 Structured Media Cent
8.3.1 Location Matters
8.3.2 Mounting Your SMC
8.3.3 Grommets or Plastic Bushings
8.3.4 Cable Entry to the SMC
8.3.5 Powering the SMC
8.3.6 AC Power Module
8.3.7 Installing the AC Power Module
8.3.8 Grounding the SMC
8.4 Structured Cabling (Pre-wire
) 8.4.1 Cable Topology
8.4.2 Cable Routing, Dressing and Strain Relief
8.4.3 Cable Bend Rad
8.4.4 Service Loops
8.4.5 Labeling
8.4.6 Label Placement
8.4.7 Wiring Chart
8.5 Pre-Wire for Individual Device
8.6 What You Need to Know
8.6 Wiring Identification Chart for Cat. 5 Cables
8.7 Summary of Installation Rules and Precautions

Installation Trim Out
9.1 QuickPort Jacks, Connectors, and Wall Plates
9.1.1 Terminating Cat 5 Jacks
9.1.2 Terminating Coaxial Connectors
9.1.3 Terminating Other Connectors
9.1.4 Placing QuickPort Connectors and Jacks into QuickPort Wall Plates
9.1.5 Labeling and Label Placement
9.2 Structured Media Center Devices (SMC Trim Out)
9.2.1 Placing and Mounting Devices
9.2.2 Routing and Dressing Cable in the SMC
9.3 Essential Infrastructure Platform
9.3.1 Basic Telephone Connections Using Bridging Module
9.3.2 Category 5 Voice and Data Module
9.3.3 Coaxial Video Distribution Connections Using Passive Splitter
9.4 Enhanced Infrastructure
9.4.1 Telephone Connections Using Telephone Distribution and Cat 5 Modules
9.4.2 Data Networking Connections
9.4.3 Video Distribution (Coaxial)
9.4.4 Installing the DC Power Supply Module (Leviton 48212-DCS)
9.5 Multi-Location Stereo
9.5.1 Multi-Room Considerations
9.5.2 Connecting Volume Controls and Speakers
9.6 Multi-Room Stereo Infra-Red (IR) Control Connections
9.6.1 Installing Emitters and Targets
9.7 Multi-Room Speaker and Volume Control Installation
9.7.1 Preparing the Speakers for Mounting
9.7.2 Installing the
9.7.3 Installing the Volume Controls
9.8 Home Monitoring
9.8.1 Indoor Security Camera
9.8.2 Installing the Decora Camera
9.8.3 Mounting the Decora Camera
9.8.4 Outdoor Camera
9.8.5 Connecting and Mounting the Outdoor Camera
9.8.6 Powering the Cameras
9.8.7 Direct Monitoring
9.8.8 Network Monitoring
9.9 Multi-Room Video Ap
9.9.1 Installing Multi-Room Video
9.10 What You Need to Know Check List
9.10.1 Terminating the Cable

Testing and Test Documentation
10.1 Labels
10.2 Documentation
10.3 Visual Inspection Immediately after Pre-Wire
10.4 Basic Testing
10.4.1 Cat 5 UTP in Non-Cat 5 Compliant Cable Runs
10.4.2 Audio Cable
10.4.3 RG-6 Quad Shield Cable
10.5 Category 5 Testing
10.6 Final Residential Wiring Verification
10.7 Speaker Cabling Tests
10.8 Documentation of Test Results