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  • Cable A group of individually insulated conductors twisted helically.
  • Cabling The grouping or twisting together of two or more insulated conductors to form a cable.
  • Canadian Electrical Code(CEC) Canadian Version of the US National Electrical Code(NEC).
  • Category Rating of a cable established by TIA/EIA to indicate the level of electrical performance.
  • Channel The horizontal cable including the workstation outlet and patch panel in the telecommunication closet plus a maximum combined length of up to ten meters of patch cable at each end and (maximum length of 100 meters).
  • Circular Mil The area of a circle one one-thousandth of an ich(.001") in diameter.By knowing the circular mil area of various conductors, they can be used to determine what conductivity and gage size various combinations will produce.
  • Coaxial Cable A cylindrical transmission line comprised of a conductor centered inside a metallic tube or shield. separated by a dielectric material and usually covered by an insulating jacket.
  • Conductivity The ability of a material to allow electrons to flow, measured by the current per unit of voltage applied. It is the reciprocral of resistivity.
  • Conductor A substance, usually metal used to transfer electrical energy from point to point.
  • CrossTalk A type of interference caused by signal coupling from one or more pairs onto adjacent pairs.
  • CSA Abbreviation for Canadian Standards Association, the Canadian version of the Underwriters Laboraties.

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