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Home > non-available > Ideal MiniTracker Coax 62-202

Ideal MiniTracker Tester Coax  62-202

Ideal MiniTracker Tester Coax 62-202

Test for continuity, opens or shorts in multiple or single runs of coax. Consists of main unit and four remote color coded F-Type terminators. Each terminator has a unique resistor value.Identifies, or "maps", different cable end points and cable runs within a structure by identifying remote terminator color code. Tone mode can be used to send a tone signal on coaxial cable for tracing. Designed specifically for cable TV, security video, broadcast and building/home automation system applications.

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JDSU (Test-Um) CX-200 Coax Tester / Mapper DISCONTINUEDJDSU (Test-Um) CX-200 Coax Tester / Mapper DISCONTINUEDThis handy tester is designed for CATV and security camera connection and installation. It tests multi-run coax cables terminated with F-connectors from a central source. It has the ability to put a tone signal on a coax cable, as well as find and identify multiple coax cables connected to a coax splitter. Individually-identified test terminators allow you to trace up to 4 connections at a time from the main cable box.

Eliminate Cable confusion in the home with the COAX MAPPER
  • For CATV and security camera coax connection testing and installation
  • Finds and identifies multiple coax cables
  • Includes 4 color-coded F-connectors and BNC adapters
  • Built-in tone generator

    Availability : Out of stock