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Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring

Structured Media Center - A convergence point in you home for entertainment, communications and security
Leviton's Structured Media Center put the home or small office on the cutting edge of the information age. They use an advanced, standards compilant star topology to create one central convergence point for HDTV, whole house component audio, video, security camera, telephone and home computer networking.

Modern Home Wiring is referred to as Structured Wiring To create your structured wiring solution simply run cables from individual rooms to one of the structured media center distribution panels. Select one of the pre-configured panels or create a custom configuration by selecting the voice/data/audio/video modules to perfectly match your individual requirements. Terminate the cables in each room with Leviton wallplates and snap-in connectors

Future proof every room in your home with a single pull Residential Composite Cable Designed specifically for residential applications, these bundled cables make it easy to design and install structured wiring. A single composite/bundled cable contains all of the necessary cables for HDTV video, data and telephone distribution. The optional fiber-optic cable gets you ready for the future Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service.

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Structured Wiring by the Sq Ft
Structured Wiring by the Sq Ft

All you need to know is the square footage of the home and we have a price/performance optimized solution for you. We have put together the best brands in the Industry to offer your solutions are easy to install, robust, future-ready and totally complete. Everything you need, Cable, components, tools are all included. Order them as is or contact us at our help desk for a custom solution.

Leviton Structured Media Center Distribution Panels & Kits
Leviton Structured Media Center Distribution Panels & Kits

Structured Wiring Panel & Cover- 14 inch
Structurd Wiring Panel & Cover - 28 inch
Structured Wiring Panel & Hinged Cover- 14 inch
Structurd Wiring Panel & Hinged Cover - 28 inch
Structured Wiring Panel & hinged Cover - 42 inch
Structured Versatile Panel (Remodel apps)
Basic Telephone & Video Kit
Basic Home Networking Kit

Leviton Pre-Configured Panels
Leviton Pre-Configured Panels

Basic Telephone and Video Panel
Basic Home Networking Plus Panel
18 Port Structured Media Panel
24 Port Structured Media Panel

Leviton Voice and Data Modules
Leviton Voice and Data Modules

Category 5e Data & Voice Expansion Module
Cat5e Data & Voice Expansion Bracket Module
1*9 Bridged Tel. Expansion Module
1*9 Bridged Tel. Expansion Module with Bracket
Leviton 4-Conductor Flat Tel. Patch Cord 7"long

Leviton Quickport® Wall Plates
Leviton Quickport® Wall Plates

Quickport Flush Mount Wall plates 1-4 port
Quickport Decora Inserts 1,2,3,4 and 6 ports
Quickport Decora Wall plates 1-gang, 2-Gang
Quickport Floor Jack Inserts

Leviton Quickport Snap-in Connector
Leviton Quickport Snap-in Connector

Leviton Quickport Snap-in Connectors and jacks for voice, data, video and audio.

Leviton  Video Modules & Accessories
Leviton Video Modules & Accessories

1 x 4 Passive Video Splitter Module 47690-4C2
1*6 Passive Video Splitter Module 47690-6C2
1*8 Passive Video Splitter Module 47690-8C2
3*8 Bi-Directional Video Module 47960-38B
Leviton Video Amplifier 48210-VA

Leviton Home Networking
Leviton Home Networking

Home  Audio
Home Audio

Leviton Cat5e based Intercom System
Leviton Cat5e based Intercom System

Leviton 47000-MKB Cat5e Intercom Main Controller Board Kit
Leviton 47000-W1 Intercom Indoor Station
Leviton 47000-CHM Intercom Chime (board only)
Leviton 47000-STR Intercom Door Strike Board

Leviton AC/DC Power Modules
Leviton AC/DC Power Modules

Leviton DC Power Module 48212-DCS
Leviton AC Power Module 47605-DP

Leviton Security Modules
Leviton Security Modules

Leviton Outdoor Camera
Leviton Decora Camera
Leviton Video Sequencer

Leviton Multi-Room IR Repeater System
Leviton Multi-Room IR Repeater System

Channel Vision Security Cameras
Channel Vision Security Cameras

Structured Media Center Mounting Brackets
Structured Media Center Mounting Brackets

Structured Wiring Design Manual
Structured Wiring Design Manual

Paladin Structured Wiring Kit
Paladin Structured Wiring Kit

Regular price: $199.99
Sale price: $191.50
Coax Connectors
Coax Connectors

Speaker Connectors
Speaker Connectors

Modular Connectors
Modular Connectors

Channel Vision Structured Wiring Panels and Kits
Channel Vision Structured Wiring Panels and Kits

Entry Level Complete Kit - 12 inch hinged
Structured Wiring Panel & Cover - 19 inch
Structured Wiring Panel & Cover- 50 inch, hinged

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Structured Wiring / Home Wiring FAQ

What is Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring is a whole house wiring system for communications, entertainment, security and control that works with the systems already in the home, anticipates technological advances and lays the groundwork for future home technology and smart home enhancements.

Components of a Home Structured Wiring System

  • The Distribution Panel Usually located in one of the closets or the attic of your home, the distribution panel does two things: 1) terminates all of the service provider services: telephone, DSL, Cable TV, Cable Modem, Security to this central location within the house and 2) Distributes those signals to locations throughout the house. Audio/Video/Security Camera sources from within your home can also be delivered to this central location for distribution throughout the house. Various active/passive modular units installed within the distibution panel allow for the distribution of the signal to locations throughout the house. Control devices in the distribution panels also allow home automation capabilities. An electrical power source in the distribution panel provides power to various powered devices installed in the panel. More about home structured wiring distribution panels and components

  • High-performance Cabling Using Cat5e/Cat6/RG6 cables that can deliver performance you need today and in the future, cable runs(also called home runs) are installed from the distribtion panel to each location in the house where the signal is to distributed. Home runs are also installed to signal sources eg. Security camera, motion detectors, audio/video sources. Whether you are pre-wiring your new home, remodel wiring or a working on a do it yourself project, we have the right cables for your application. More about Cat5e and RG6 bulk cables

  • Multi-Media Outlets Convenient plug and play points throughout the house provide the multi-media outlets for telephone, digital audio, high-speed internet, cable TV, DBS, HDTV, security camera. Home wiring done using structured wiring principles and terminated via multi-media outlets in every room provide the infrastructure necessary to deploying current and future home technology More about multi-media outlets / wallplates

Advantages of Structured Wiring

  • Your home future-ready Imagine storing your entire music collection on a home computer and accessing it anywhere in your home. Imagine hanging a Flat-screen TV almost anywhere in the house. Imagine being able to see your child in his/her crib from a computer at work. Technology moves fast and provides solutions in ways that were previously unthinkable or impossible. Although it is very very hard to completely future-proof your home, a wired home gets you future-ready.
  • Convenience, Comfort & Security By distributing the cable-tv, internet, telephone, audio signals throughout the house, you can conveniently access the subscription based services where you need it, and block it for parental control. With a structured wiring solution in place, you can add home automation technology easily, allowing you to control various appliances from any where in the home and remotely via the Internet.
  • Investing in your home A proper structured wiring installation increases the value of your home by 1 to 2%. A wired home is also easier to sell to prospective buyers.


Structured Wiring Design Manual Learn how to design a home wiring system that supports home automation, multi-room Ethernet connections, whole-house audio/video and much more!


New Home Wiring - Tips on Wiring a New Home.

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Besides panels and kits, BroadbandUtopia.com has the entire range of structured wiring cable, connectors, tools and accessories for home wiring