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Home > Bulk Cable > Bulk Cat6 Cable > Category 6 Plenum - Cat6, Cat6E and Cat6A rated bulk cable > Belden Datatwist 2400 Enhanced Category 6 Cable UTP Riser (CMP) - 1000Ft (White)

Belden Datatwist 2400 Enhanced Category 6 Cable UTP Riser (CMP) -  1000Ft (White)

Belden Datatwist 2400 Enhanced Category 6 Cable UTP Riser (CMP) - 1000Ft (White)

DataTwist 2400 UTP Cables provide for increased bandwidth and signal-to-noise margins. Their smaller diameter and high performance make possible the unique Category 6 networking solution.

Datatwist 2400 Cable: If high-performance communication systems are an element of your competitive strategy and if you consider information technology as one of the drivers of your bottom line, you should consider the speed, reliability and performance advantages provided by DataTwist 2400 Cables. The DataTwist 2400 Cables exceed all TIA/EIA Category 6 standard specifications and deliver guaranteed performance up to 300 MHz. These cables provide the performance, throughput and reliability to keep your response-time critical applications operating at their peak. The 2400 series offers extremely stable transmission characteristics; and a Signal-to-Noise Ratio that is ideal for networks where noise and interference is high. The DataTwist 2400 Cable consists of 4 pairs of 23 AWG insulated copper conductors with a round flexible core construction. The patented design features a central tape to provide pairseparation, and matched conductors on all four pairs, which provide for extremely stable electrical performance. All DataTwist 2400 cables feature a small diameter for higher density installations – especially valuable for runs inside conduit. For the installer, the DataTwist cables come with a unique descending sequential printing scheme that shows exactly how much cable remains on the spool or in the box. And that translates into faster installations with less waste. Belden DataTwist 2400 Cables are part of the Belden IBDN System 2400. Belden IBDN System 2400 delivers additional throughput and enhanced error-free performance needed to support high-traffic and high-bit-rate applications. The system delivers 250 MHz of user bandwidth and supports data rates up to 2.4 Gb/s, while surpassing Category 6 requirements as per the TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 standard. The 2400 System provides the speed and reliability needed for your business to perform at its profitable best. To learn more about Belden IBDN copper-

DataTwist 2400 Cables Exceed the TIA/EIA Requirements for Category 6 Installations and Provide for Transmission Speeds Up to 2.4 Gb/s

Applications Belden DataTwist 2400 Cable is intended to be used for horizontal cable installations of high speed Local Area Networks (LANs) for transmission speeds up to 2.4 Gb/s. Specific applications include: • 1000BASE-T Ethernet, and other LAN protocols operating up to 2.4 Gb/s transmission speeds • ATM at all speeds up to 2.4 Gb/s • 100 Mb/s TP-PMD, 100 Mb/s Ethernet (100BASE-T) • Broadband video (77 channels at 550 MHz) Features & Benefits • Increased bandwidth and signal-to-noise margin • Optimized balance of transmission performance for simultaneous parallel transmission protocols • Size minimized for compactness of installations • Materials selected to support 25-year performance warranties • Descending distance marking for cable length reduces waste • Matching tip and ring color code for ease of installation • Available in Spool-in-Box packaging for ease of installation, handling and inventory management • Available in CMR, CMP and LSZH versions

Technical Specifications Physical Characteristics • Conductors: 23 AWG solid copper • Insulation: - Plenum: Low Smoke Flame Retardant thermoplastic (FEP) - Riser and LSZH: Polyolefin (PE)

Cable Core: Four twisted pairs cabled around Belden’s patented center member • Jacket w/ Rip Cord: - Plenum: LSPVC - Riser: PVC - LSZH: Low Smoke Zero Halogen Polymer Alloy - Jacket printed at intervals indicating cable code, AWG, listings (NEC Code), verification, date, manufacturing traceability code - Descending length markings start at highest number and end at 0 Mechanical Characteristics • Minimum Recommended Installation Temperature: 5°C (40°F) • Temperature Rating: 60°C (140°F) Transmission Characteristics • Values up to 300 MHz are minimum guaranteed values • Values above 300 MHz are for information only • DC Resistance @ 20°C, max.: 9.38 ohms/100 m • DC Resistance Unbalance, max.: 5% • Mutual Capacitance, max.: 5.6 nF/100 m • Capacitance Unbalance Pair to Ground, max.: 330 pF/100 m • Input Impedance: - 100 ± 15 ohms from 1 to 100 MHz - 100 ± 22 ohms from 101 to 200 MHz - 100 ± 32 ohms from 201 to 300 MHz • Nominal Velocity of Propagation (NVP): - Plenum: 72% @ 10 MHz - Riser: 68% @ 10 MHz • Propagation Delay (Skew), max.: 25 ns/100 m

Length:1000Ft Color: Blue Fire Rating: Plenum

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