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Home > Bulk Cable > RG6 Coaxial Cable > Belden 1694A > Belden 1694A 1000 footer solutions with compatible tools and accessories > Belden 1694A RG6 Coax - 1000 FT

Belden 1694A RG6 Coax precision video cable for analog digital and HDTV 4.5 GHz Sweep tested

Belden 1694A RG6 Coax precision video cable for analog digital and HDTV 4.5 GHz Sweep tested

RG-6/U Type Precision Low Loss Serial Digital Video Coax. 75 ohm Precision Video Cables. SDI Digital video.

1st layer: Aluminum Foil-Polyester Tape-Aluminum Foil (Duofoil) shield with 100% shield coverage
2nd layer:tinned copper Braid Shield with 95% shield coverage

Applicable Specifications: UL/NEC CMR, C(UL) CEC CMG.

Flame Resistance: UL 1666 Vertical Shaft, CSA FT4.

Belden precision video cables are used in critical analog video circuits and high quality applications such as live broadcast in network studios and pre- or post-production facilities. They should be used anywhere superior signal integrity is required. Precision video cables usually have solid center conductors and dual shields. The dielectrics can either be foam or solid. Tighter impedance and attenuation tolerances, superior structural return loss (SRL) specifications, and improved shielding give precision video cables their non-compromise performance. The frequency response loss curves of the solid dielectric cables, such as 8281, are different from those with foam dielectric, like 1505A. Therefore, different equalization equipment is necessary and commercially available. Avoid mixing 8281 and 1505A for this reason. Digital Broadcast - Precision video cables are also recommended for the latest digital video applications. Since its inception in the early 80's, digital broadcast is quickly becoming the preferred video format. The advantages of the digital format are many. Digital is very stable minimizing equipment adjustments. Copies or reproductions retain the quality of the original. Signal degradation is virtually eliminated, and noise immunity is greatly improved. Digital video is transmitted over a cable in either a Parallel or Serial format. DUOFOIL is a Belden registered trademark. BRILLIANCE is a Belden registered trademark.

Availability: Ships same business day.

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Belden-1694A-1000Ft$555.00, 10/$5,500.00
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